My name is Felix Geißler, also known under my alias CycoPunch. Like most of the producers and DJs out there I grew up surrounded by music of different genres. In my early childhood I usually listened to Rock and that stuff, that was played at local radio stations around my small hometown in Thuringia. I really enjoyed the mix of electronic sounds with acoustic and analog instruments they brought there. As back in the days, I quickly discovered that this particular mixture would be my cup of tea. Even when I completely switched to electronic music, I kept that attitude, that only a good mixture of styles and genres makes music outstanding and interesting.
Along this mindset I started DJing as an hobby to make good sounding mixes for my own purpose in 2009. Quickly I recognized, that my friends from school became interested in what I’m doing there, so I made it to some private partys, where I noticed, that being the one, who’s making people dance, is what I would like to be. At this time it was all about throwing some chart tracks and dropping some fat ass dubstep. On one of those partys something changed: A friend of mine introduced me to a genre called ‘Hardstyle’. From there on my taste became significant different in comparison to my social surrounding. I mixed Hardstyle, Hard Trance, Hardcore, Dubstep, Drum & Bass and even Hip Hop in one set, and DAMN! I liked it! That’s where I became the one who I am today. Bringing only my favorite music to the people, regardless if it’s my weekly radioshow on Hardbase.FM where I only play hard dance music or an audience in a nightclub where I’m mostly juggling between House and Electro House and even Hardstyle, depending on the crowds need. Based on their musical taste it’s allways a pleasure to me, to find the sweet spot where I can grab the crowds’ attention and take them to the next level. I don’t like mixing drop on drop as this became boring to me over the years. Nowadays I like to combine different genres as usual with some live mashups and other tricks I discovered over my career as a DJ. As I needed a playground in a nightclub for practicing some of my new techniques and I started my university study in 2014 I became Resident DJ at BD CLUB (Ilmenau), as their style matched mine at most. For that reason I’m spinning the decks there regular (for upcoming events – check Media). And as I’m always eager to make people dancing, no matter where their from, it would be a pleasure to me to spin regularly in other clubs too. So stay tuned for my upcoming sessions or feel free to send me a request for your own event. - Felix

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As I'am allways eager to bring emotions in my sets, it's very important to me, to mix different genres and subgenres into my sets. Getting people moving on the dancefloor is allways a balance act between the crowds wishes and my personal taste. Thats why I like to observe my audience precisely and get their mood to the max, using calm melodic elements to give those people goosbumps and hitting them hard with bouncing beats if they seem to be ready for the next step. Herinafter you can get some impressions of my stlye. Enjoy!

Techno & Tech House
Electro House
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Drum & Bass
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Hard Dance & Hardstyle


Date Time Title Location
24.04.201820:00-02:00Start-up.CampusHumboldtbau TU Ilmenau
05.05.201803:15-05:00PlusParty - SpaceGardenN.A.
09.06.201822:00-03:00TomorrowclubBD CLUB Ilmenau


As listening to music is a daily experience, you will also be able to listen to some Sets and get a slight insight in what I'am doing, by checking out my videos and mixtapes below.

Episode 1 | This is HeartStyle! | Hardstyle Mix

Enjoy my first episode of my hardstyle mixtape series. The mix wraps up my favorite euphoric hardstyle tracks .

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Hey folks. Have fun with my second hardstyle podcast. Feel free to like, comment and share it with your friends!

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Breitengrad 2.0 & Birthdaybash! / Fischerhütte Ilmenau / Techno

Small recap of Breitengrad 2.0 & Birthdaybash! from 28.10.2017 @ Fischerhuette Ilmenau

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Casual Sunday Vibes #1 (Funky House Tape)

Just a casual mixtape during my exam period. Enjoy!

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